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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries about our service.

  • Can I Open A Savings Account Without Money??

    You cannot open a zero balance account. An initial minimum deposit is required to open an account with Amberlea Finance Corporation..

  • What Are The Requirement To Open An Account ?

    The basic requirements for account opening are; An identification; this includes one (1) passport sized picture and a valid National ID (acceptable options; Voter ID, National ID, Driver’s License and International Passport) Proof of address; completion of address verification form. Applications are subject to status and internal checks.

    Who Can Open An Account With Amberlea Finance Corporation?

    Any legally registered company, enterprise or institution can open an account Amberlea Finance Corporation.

    What Do I Need To Open This Account?

    You will need proof of company registration. That is; Certificate of registration and form A (enterprise or sole proprietorship) Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate to Commence Business and Form 3 (Limited Liability Companies) 5 years Audited Financial Statement or Letter of introduction from a Lawyer or Auditor.

  • How Long Will My Investment Stay With The Bank?

    Investments can be purchased for a period not exceeding 12 months (1 year). That is, a minimum period of one (1) month and a maximum twelve (12) months..

  • In What Currency Does Amberlea Finance Corporation Report?

    The bank reports its financial statement in the US Dollars (USD).

  • Do I Need An Account With Amberlea Finance Corporation To Purchase The Amberlea Finance Corporation Investment?

    Yes. Interest accruing from the investment will be paid into this account. Upon request by customer to discontinue investment or on maturity of the investment, funds will be paid into this account..

  • When will I receive my account statement?

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